The Authorized Automotive Recycling Coordinator

JARC, the Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center, is a foundation created in year 2000 jointly by various automotive industry organizations led by the association of vehicle manufacturers, with a mission to advance the recycling of end of life vehicles (ELVs).

The Automobile Recycling Law was implemented in 2005 to revive Japan’s automotive recycling system mainly by obligating the vehicle owners to pay a recycling fee in advance and by demanding the auto makers, dealers, dismantlers and other stakeholders to play their respective roles in the nationwide recycling system.

Under this law, JARC’s major responsibility is to manage the recycling fees deposited by vehicle owners and to monitor the flow of ELVs in the automotive recycling system in order to make sure that all the players are doing their work.

About 80 percent of the weight of each ELV has been recycled in the form of reusable parts or reprocessed materials. On the strength of its state of the art expertise, JARC hopes to play the leading role in raising the recycling rate higher to 95 percent or more.