Message from the President

Takashi Gunjima,President

Takashi Gunjima

Now that automobiles are inseparable part of human life, we at the Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center believe it an important duty of humanity to recycle end of life vehicles into reusable materials and products so as to preserve the global environment in its healthy state.

Our Center was founded jointly by automobile-related industries to encourage the recycling and proper disposal of end of life vehicles(ELVs) for the conservation of natural resources, for the protection of the environment, and for the evolution of Japan into a recycling-based motor society.

Since October 2002 we have been working under the Fluorocarbon Recovery and Destruction Law to render harmless the car air conditioner refrigerant collected from end of life vehicles throughout Japan.

Since January 2005 we have been serving under the Automobile Recycling Law as the automotive recycling coordinator organization assuming the triple functions of fund management, recycling safety net and information monitoring in the nationwide system of recycling end of life vehicles.

Making full use of our accumulated know-how and experience, we intend to make increasing contributions to the building of a recycling rich society.

We therefore look forward to your cooperation in our activities.


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